Thursday, May 30, 2013

the cloth God weaves...

As we were traveling through Konya a few days ago, we were able to visit the Mevlana Museum. This is a shrine to the poet and mystic, Rumi. 
This morning, Becca gave a wonderful devotion and read this poem, so we wanted to share it. 
Every Tree by Rumi
Every tree, every growing thing as it grows, 
says this truth: You harvest what you sow.

With life as short a a half-taken breath,
don't plant anything but love.

The value of a human being can be measured
by what he or she most deeply wants. 

Be free of possessing things.
Sit at an empty table.
Be pleased with water, the taste of being home.

People travel the world looking for the friend,
but that one is always at home.
Jesus moves quickly to Mary.
A donkey stops to smell the urine of another donkey.
There are simple reasons for what happens.

You won't stay clear if you sit for long
with the one who pours wine.

Someone with a cup of honey in hand
rarely has a sour face.

If someone says a eulogy,
there must be a funeral nearby. 

A rose opens because she is the fragrance she loves.
We speak poems,
and lovers down the centuries will keep saying them.
The cloth God weaves doesn't wear out.

It has been a wonderful day in Istanbul. We visited the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Underground Cisterns, and the Archeological Museum. We walked through the streets of Istanbul and took in the sights and sounds of this vibrant city.

Today we also celebrated three birthday's (including mine)! In reflecting on the cloth that God weaves, it's pretty incredible to find two other travel companions to share a birthday with and to be surrounded by such a fabulous group of people. We all were brought here on this trip for different reasons and it has been an incredible journey to discover what these reasons were. It has also been a journey to discover the many ways in which we are all connected. Today was another fun connection as I sat at the table with Liesebet and John with a large chocolate cake with candles and sparklers and our friends singing all around us. 

Today as been a beautiful day and one filled with many blessings. We are continuing this journey through Istanbul, but we will also continue this journey as we head back to our homes. The cloth that God weaves does not run out, and it is a joy-filled day to be weaved into the fabric with the history of Istanbul and the hearts of this group. Our patterns have been weaved together and this journey has been a blessed one. 




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