Sunday, May 26, 2013

Journeying together

We have been together on this trip for a week now.  We stayed along the Mediterranean Sea last night and had the music from a beautiful wedding on the terrace lulling us to sleep. We left Perga and made our way North. As we made the long trek through the mountains and beautiful valleys today, many of us were in awe at the beautiful and expansive landscape. We spent about six hours traveling by bus to get to Konya this evening and it was a neat experience to see the different interactions between people.

This trip is truly bringing people from all walks of life to journey in this adventure together. As we explore these ancient sites, I continue to be in awe at the breadth of knowledge of our professors, Dr. Rossing and Dr. Menn, and our incredible tour guide Macit. I am also in awe at the curiosity and knowledge of so many of my fellow seminarians and new friends on this trip. Several people led a book review of one of our 'required readings' on the bus today and it sparked some very interesting discussion. One that we actually had to put on hold because we were arriving to our lunch stop and couldn't sit on the bus anymore. Each site we go to, you can see and hear the different interests and passions people have for these pieces of history and biblical scholarship.

New friendships are being formed and we are journeying together not just as students, professors, spouses, alumni, parishioners, and pastors but as friends and people of God. We sang in four-part harmony in worship this evening, we broke bread and prayed with each other; the wind came through and the spirit was moving. This trip has been an incredible journey; but the people we have met along the way have also been an important part of this journey.

We head for Cappadocia tomorrow! 


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